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University of Connecticut Daily Digest

Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline

The Faculty/Staff Daily Digest, Student Daily Digest and UConn Health Lifeline are consolidated notices to the University community delivered weekdays via email. Click the blue button to submit an item for the Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline. A NetID is required. (Find your NetID)

Please note:

  • The Daily Digest is only for events and announcements that are officially sponsored or sanctioned by or affiliated with the University.
  • If you would like to receive the Faculty/Staff Daily Digest, but do not have a NetID, join the UCONN_PUBLIC_DAILY_DIGEST-L list.
  • Alert System communications, including all emergency and campus closure information, are not included in the Daily Digests;
  • UConn Health emergency and campus closure announcements are not included in the UConn Health Lifeline;
  • A streamlined process for UConn Official Announcements will also be employed so that time-sensitive, critical communications can be delivered when necessary; and
  • Listservs that are not general broadcast communications, such as those that serve individual classes, student organizations, and regional campuses, remain active.

UConn Daily Digest Archive

A collection of all UConn Daily Digest emails.

Student Daily Digest Archive

A collection of all Student Daily Digest emails.

UConn Health Lifeline Archive

A collection of all UConn Health Lifeline issues.

ITS Help Center

Central point of contact to help manage, communicate, and facilitate the resolution of technology service-related problems.

Events Calendar

Official resource for students, faculty, staff and guests to view and post events taking place on all campuses.


UConn Health Master Calendar

Official resource for faculty, staff, and students to view and post events taking place at UConn Health.

Alert site

In the event of an emergency, this website will provide the latest information, including possible action. Register to receive text alerts.


UConn Health

Announcements about the following type of emergencies are published as standalone announcements via email:

  • Police and Fire Emergencies
  • Public Health and Medical Crisis Information
  • Physician Plant, Utility Services, and Significant IT Network Disruptions
  • Weather-Related Closing and Cancellations

Information about UConn Health Closing and Cancellations are found on the website at