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University of Connecticut Daily Digest

How to Submit

The UConn Faculty/Staff Daily Digest is delivered weekdays at 11 a.m. to all faculty, staff and graduate students across all campuses, including the Schools of Law and Social Work. The Student Daily Digest is sent to undergraduate and BGS students at the Storrs and regional campuses.

The UConn Health Lifeline is delivered weekdays at 9 a.m. to all faculty, staff, students, and other individuals granted access to the listserv.

All submissions are screened by official Moderators/Editors. Moderators/Editors reserve the right to edit postings for consistency and clarity.

The Daily Digest is only for events and announcements that are officially sponsored or sanctioned by or affiliated with the University.

Daily Digest Submission Process

Daily Digests contain items submitted at least two days prior. Submissions are accepted over the weekend and on holidays. All submissions are considered "pending" until approved by the Moderators/Editors.

  1. Select: Submit Announcement
  2. Select either:
    1. Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students
    2. Undergraduate and BGS Students
    3. UConn Health Lifeline
  3. Select: Date
    1. Choose from the dates that appear on your screen. Every Friday, Moderators/Editors add the next five weekdays to the "select date" choices.
    2. Items may be submitted for a maximum of three dates per Digest/UConn Health Lifeline.
  4. Select: Add Announcement
    1. Complete your announcement title.
    2. If your announcement includes a date(s), indicate that in the relevant field.
    3. Select a category.
    4. The University Policy Information category is intended for official UConn policies only.  Include posts about policies that impact employment and/or are required by federal and/or state mandates. 
    5. The Research, Funding, and Awards category is intended for this Digest's audience of faculty, staff, and graduate students. Research, funding, and awards that pertain to undergrads should go in the Student Activities category. Thank you for respecting this distinction. Announcements appearing under “Important University-Wide Announcements” are authorized by the President’s Office and/or the Provost’s Office; please contact them should you have a submission for this category.
    6. Create an original announcement description. Please proofread carefully. Because of the volume of submissions, Moderators/Editors are limited to proofing for only blatant errors and omissions in announcement descriptions.
  5. Select: Preview Announcement
    1. Review your announcement title and description as you want it to appear in the Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline
    2. You may edit, cancel, or complete your submission in this step.
  6. Select: My Announcements
    1. Provides a list of all announcement(s) you have submitted to the Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline by date, and allows you to edit your announcement(s).
    2. Resubmit allows you to submit the same announcement to the same Daily Digest for up to two additional dates, as well as submit to the other Daily Digest for up to three dates. Note: The system is designed to provide a total of six submission opportunities for the same announcement, up to a maximum of three in each Daily Digest. Please edit your message to be appropriate for the intended audience. UConn Health Lifeline does not follow the three date submission limit.

Daily Digest Submission Requirements

  • The Daily Digest is only for events and announcements that are officially sponsored or sanctioned by or affiliated with the University.
  • Offensive language and posts dealing with non-University content will be denied.
  • Submissions without a title will be denied.
  • Forwarded or reply-formatted messages will be denied.
  • Submissions will be denied after being published three times per month per Daily Digest. Submissions are defined as a Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline post that is promoting a specific event, program or opportunity. Please note that title changes for the same event do not constitute new submission maximums. UConn Health Lifeline does not follow the three date submission limit.
  • Target your messages to the intended audience; messages written to students will not be accepted for the Faculty/Staff Daily Digest.

Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline Submission for Recurring Events

In addition to the requirements above, please see the following regarding submissions for recurring events:

Recurring or ongoing events should be listed in a monthly digest format, and can be submitted three times per month when this format is used. When utilizing this option, please use a headline that indicates both the type of event, and that it is a monthly listing, for example, “Human Resources Events: June.” Consider spreading out the submission dates to maximize exposure. For additional ways to promote your event, please see the Supplemental Advertising Options section below.

* Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline Submissions Seeking Human Participants for Surveys and/or Research Best Practices

  • Messages seeking respondents for University internal use surveys:
    • Review the IRB website or contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) office (860-486-0986) if you are uncertain whether the survey requires IRB approval. Note that most internal use surveys do not require IRB approval.
    • Internal use surveys are generally submitted by University staff on behalf of Service/Academic/Administrative areas (e.g. dining services, registrar, transportation, parking services) for internal use (non-research) purposes.
    • Use "Respondents Requested" in the title line.
  • Messages seeking human participants for research studies (including research methods course studies) approved by the IRB:
    • Review the IRB website or contact the Institutional Review Board office (860-486-0986) for information on recruitment and advertising procedures and guidelines before posting a message. Research studies must be approved by the IRB before recruitment begins.
    • Review the UConn Health IRB website or contact the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at for information on recruitment and advertising procedures and guidelines before posting a message. Research studies must be approved by the IRB before recruitment begins.
    • Research studies may be submitted by undergraduate and graduate students, staff or faculty.
    • Messages must include the following required statement, "This study was approved by the UConn IRB, Protocol #_________."
    • Use "Human Subjects Requested" or "Enrolling Participants" in the title line.

Supplemental Advertising Options

The Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline should not be used as a primary means to advertise and promote events on campus. If you have reached the 3-post limit, or are looking for other ways to promote your event, please consider utilizing:

UConn Health

  • UConn Health Master Calendar and/or UConn Health Community Events Calendar
  • UConn Health department calendars

Daily Digest/UConn Health Lifeline Submission Best Practices

  • Plan ahead, since items are not able to be submitted within 2 days of the publishing date.
  • Create a title that includes a brief description that accurately reflects the content.
  • Please do not use ALL CAPS in your submission's headline. Acronyms are acceptable.  For example, "ALFAS Meeting: A Conversation with the Provost" is OK.  "FREE Donuts – TODAY!" is not.  Submissions containing ALL CAPS may be denied.
  • Identify specific campus or audience in the title, if applicable. E.g., Avery Point Campus Art Show or Teaching Assistant Scholarship Deadline
  • If your submission is for an event, please include the date in the relevant field.
  • More people will read your submission if it's succinct; try not to exceed 250 words. When applicable and especially if you have a longer submission, include a link to a webpage on which more information is provided. Unless part of a link, submissions are not to contain attachments or images.
  • Daily Digests/UConn Health Lifeline are delivered in HTML, so check for proper formatting, particularly when copying from Word.
  • Carefully review your message for completeness and accuracy then submit only once. Follow the prompts if you wish to re-submit to have your announcement published on additional dates.
  • Include the name of the sponsoring organization in announcements that have sponsors.

UConn Daily Digest Archive

A collection of all UConn Daily Digest emails.

Student Daily Digest Archive

A collection of all Student Daily Digest emails.

UConn Health Lifeline Archive

A collection of all UConn Health Lifeline issues.

ITS Help Center

Central point of contact to help manage, communicate, and facilitate the resolution of technology service-related problems.

Events Calendar

Official resource for students, faculty, staff and guests to view and post events taking place on all campuses.


UConn Health Master Calendar

Official resource for faculty, staff, and students to view and post events taking place at UConn Health.

Alert site

In the event of an emergency, this website will provide the latest information, including possible action. Register to receive text alerts.


UConn Health

Announcements about the following type of emergencies are published as standalone announcements via email:

  • Police and Fire Emergencies
  • Public Health and Medical Crisis Information
  • Physician Plant, Utility Services, and Significant IT Network Disruptions
  • Weather-Related Closing and Cancellations

Information about UConn Health Closing and Cancellations are found on the website at