Technology and Computing

  • Linking to Library Materials from within HuskyCT

    The Library is transitioning from a mediated linking service for eReserves to a self-service model, in which instructors link to Library resources within HuskyCT independently. Effective October 1, 2016, the Library Resources page within HuskyCT will be available for physical reserve requests; however, instructors will be responsible for linking to online Library materials.  To support instructors in this new environment, the Library is providing easy to follow instructions and individualized assistance.    

    About the Transition
    In recent years there have been significant improvements to HuskyCT, which make it a viable alternative to the system we are currently using for Library mediated eReserves. HuskyCT provides a simplified process for uploading course materials and allows instructors to integrate materials into the course itself rather than providing them in a separate Library-operated system. This gives instructors more control over the way their content appears, where it appears, and when it appears in HuskyCT.

    Linking to New Materials from within HuskyCT
    Instructors will need to create links to Library materials and upload scans of book chapters in HuskyCT for Spring semester courses.  Instructions for linking to journal articles, ebooks, and online videos are available. Scanned chapters of books held in the Library’s collection can be requested through Scan on Demand.

    Downloading current eReserve Material
    Materials currently on eReserves – Links, PDFs and/or reserve lists currently on the Library Resources page in HuskyCT will remain in the system until January 31, 2017. Instructors can request that the Library download and provide these materials for them or they can follow the step-by-step instructions to retrieve the content on their own. 

    Requesting Materials for Purchase 
    Instructors are encouraged to draw course materials from the Library’s physical or online collections or from the many open education resources now readily available. While the Library does not purchase materials that have been published as textbooks or other curricular materials to meet the needs of a particular course, instructors may supply such materials to the course reserve program from their own personal collections.  Requests for purchase of materials that fit within the scope of the Library’s Collection Development Program, Policies, and Guidelines can be made by contacting a subject specialist.


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