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  • Holiday Fire Safety Message

    Holiday Fire Safety Message from the UCONN Fire Department


    It's that festive time of the year again where Christmas trees are decorated and holiday decorations are displayed.  To ensure a SAFE and joyous holiday season, here are some safety tips and reminders.

    • The following is prohibited in UCONN Buildings:

      • Using open flames, candles, devices, decorations or furnishings that use flames or intense heat.

      • Installing flammable materials and decorations or furnishings in corridors or stairs.

      • Hanging anything on the sprinkler heads and pipes, exit signs, stair railings and lighting fixtures.

      • Covering any more than 25% of the walls or doors with any kind of decorations.

    • Make sure to use only fire retardant decorations.

    • Fresh or “live” Christmas trees are not allowed in residential and assembly occupancies.  Christmas trees (artificial or live) located in other occupancies must not obstruct the path of exits.

    • Use only "approved" lighting strings.  Approved lights have been tested and labeled by a nationally recognized product testing laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories, (UL).

    • Replace all decorative lights that have "frayed" or broken wires, loose connections, or cracked plugs.


    For more information, contact: Dana Barrow / Fire Marshal at 860-486-4878