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  • Recording Grades "Teaching at a Glance"

    The end of the semester is finally here, but much of your hard work is yet to come.  Grading final papers and projects can be daunting, and properly recording those grades via the Student Administration (PeopleSoft) System can be time consuming as well.  Here are a few pointers:

    Did you know that it’s possible to import grades from your HuskyCT gradebook right to the Student Admin System?  For assistance, visit Import HuskyCT grades to PeopleSoft; if you need additional support, contact the Instructional Resource Center at or call (860) 486-5052. 

    As you grade the last of your student work, keep in mind that you cannot post those grades publicly in association with names, Social Security Numbers, or other personal identifiers.  Once you’re ready to post grades to the Student Admin System, be aware of these grade options, in addition to the typical letter grades:

    • I is for a student whose work remains incomplete and the student has made arrangements with the instructor to finish at a later date.
    • X is assigned when a student is absent from the final exam, but was otherwise passing course
    • N is for a student who was never present in class (and for whom there may be a registration issue)

    Visit for information and troubleshooting details regarding grading.

    For more information, contact: The Institute for Teaching and Learning at