Technology and Computing

  • Request HuskyCT Sites for Summer and Fall Classes

    Instructors of record can now request HuskyCT sites for summer or fall courses using the Student Admin System (PeopleSoft). These sites will be created on a new server so instructors will need to log in at to access them.  By the time summer classes begin, “” will also go to the new server.

    Some of the changes and new features that will be available in the upgraded system include a student preview function that is operational prior to the HuskyCT site going live to students, the integration of SafeAssign with the regular assignment tool, and both anonymous and delegated grading for assignments.

    For course request instructions or more information about the new features that will be available in HuskyCT starting with summer courses, please visit the Instructional Resource Center website.

    For more information, contact: Instructional Resource Center at 860-486-5052/