• Participants Needed for Dairy Protein Shake Study.

    Do you enjoy drinking protein shakes or dairy products?

    Do you want to find out if drinking a protein-rich dairy drink is good for you?

    The Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut Storrs campus is seeking

    men and women to participate in an 8-week nutrition research study to investigate the effects

    of dairy lipids on blood cholesterol levels, inflammation levels, and gut bacteria composition. You

    will be compensated up to $250 for your time.

    We are looking for men and women who are:

    - Between 18 and 70 years of age

    - Willing to consume study provided dairy products daily

    - Willing to provide blood and stool samples throughout the study

    - Meet other study inclusion criteria and do not fit any exclusion criteria

    Benefits of participating:

    - Free nutrient intake analysis from diet 

    To inquire about participating in the study contact:

    - Christopher Blesso, Principal Investigator, 860-486-9049

    o Email: or

    - Oliver Otoko, Graduate Assistant, 860-486-8755

    o Email:

    If you are interested and between 18-70 years of age, please check your eligibility via this


    This research study was approved by the UConn IRB, Protocol # H22-0161

    UConn IRB

    For more information, contact: Oliver Otoko at