Appointments, Retirements, and Searches

  • 1/30 Ed Lechowicz Retires After 38 Years

    Let’s celebrate the well-deserved retirement of Ed Lechowicz! He’s been the Laboratory Manager for the PNB dept. for 38 years and has many friends at UConn. You’re invited to a reception in his honor. Please join us on Monday January 30th from 3pm-4:30pm in the former Up and Atom space on the ground floor of the BioPhysics Building (BPB- the Ant building) to wish him well and thank him for everything he’s done for the PNB dept and UConn. Contact Penny Dobbins (penny.dobbins@uconn) for more information. 

    For more information, contact: Penny Dobbins/PNB dept. at