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  • 1/26 TGS Timely Topics - Setting Up for Success

    The Graduate School’s

    Spring 2023

    Timely Topics Series


    Timely Topics is a series of opportunities to engage with subject matter experts on topics relevant to those who support and advise graduate students and programs. Every session is available to all UConn faculty and staff. We hope you’ll join us for the upcoming session:

    Setting Up For Success: Recruitment, Offer Letters, and Hiring of GAs

    The goal of this session is to provide you with everything you need to know about GAs upfront as you recruit incoming grads and prepare to reappoint continuing GAs. We will cover identifying eligible grads, including how to determine stipend level, what information needs to be in the offer letter (and what shouldn’t be in there), and more. We’ll also go over the recent changes to the offer letter templates and how the English Proficiency Policy for TAs intersects with payroll so that departments can communicate with their GAs and plan accordingly. Anyone involved in the recruitment or hiring process for GAs may find this session helpful. Please feel free to bring any GA-related questions you might have!

    Date:   Thursday, January 26, 2023

    Time:   11am-12pm

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