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  • 2/1 Developing Discussion Questions

    Developing Discussion Questions 
    Presenter: Tina Huey, CETL-Faculty Development 
    WebEx – after registering please check all email folders for the link 
    Wednesday, February 1, 12:15 – 1:15  

    Why do some questions generate more engagement than others? Is it better to develop questions in advance or in the moment? How can the facilitator's questions keep the discussion focused while allowing for exploration of students' own inquiry? What makes for a good assignment prompt? This highly interactive session will present sample questions for your evaluation, and then participants will work in groups to develop one or more questions for an upcoming class session.  

    Depending on the interests of participants, topics may include: 

    How do you use questions in the classroom? 

    What are your objectives for class discussions? 

    Can we remain spontaneous while being intentional with our questions? 

    What does equity have to do with the kinds of questions we ask in discussions? 

    How do different modes and media support discussion objectives? 

    What are some frameworks to consider for question building?  

    Interactivity level: moderate to high 

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