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  • 2 Free1-Credit UNIV-3088 Courses for Spring 2023

    Enrollment is available for two 1-credit seven week UNIV-3088 courses. Exploring the Entrepreneurial Perspective, Section 001 runs during the first seven weeks of the Spring 2023 semester. Why the Jews? Confronting Antisemitism, Section 002 begins March 6th. These courses are online asynchronous so they do not have any required meeting times. They also do not require any materials purchase. Register via Student Admin.  

      UNIV-3088 Exploring the Entrepreneurial Perspective, Section 001, Class #16618
      Dates: January 17 -  March 3, 2023
      Instructor: David Noble
      Syllabus - Spring 2023

      UNIV-3088 Why the Jews? Confronting Antisemitism, Section 002, Class #16619
      Dates: March 6 - April 28 2023
      Instructor: Avinoam Patt
      Syllabus - Spring 2023

    Notes: Beginning January 31 and through March 13, 2023, after regular add/drop, Why the Jews? Confronting Antisemitism will have a special registration form available and linked on the syllabus. This course will not count toward full-time status for Financial Aid purposes if added after January 30th.

    Students can take up to six UNIV-3088 courses with different topic areas for credit but cannot repeat the same course topic. You must consult with your advisor before dropping a course if it is used to fulfill full-time status. Consult your advisor for questions related to your academic plan and student status. 

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