• Spanish-English Speakers Wanted

    Enrolling participants for bilingual study.

    Volunteers are needed to participate in a research study at The University of Connecticut investigating how bilingualism influences the brain.

    For this study, participants will listen to sounds and make decisions about them. As part of the study, we will record brainwaves from sensors placed on your head while you hear different sounds. We will also measure brain structure using MRI. MRI allows us to take detailed pictures of your brain and does not involve radiation.

    There are 3 sessions (up to 3 hrs. each), and scheduling is flexible. Participants will be paid ($10/hr) at the end of the 3 sessions and will receive a hearing test and picture of their brain.

    To be eligible, you must be older than 18, speak English and Spanish, and have no history and have no history of a hearing or neurological disorder.

    If interested:

    •    Follow this link, to see if you meet the study eligibility criteria.     

    This study was approved by the IRB, Protocol # H20_0090


    For more information, contact: at (860) 470-6214