• Enrolling Participants in Low Back Pain Study

    Study of the Transition from Acute to Chronic Low Back Pain

    This study was approved by the IRB, Protocol #HP-00088115.

    Who is eligible?

    • Males and Females 18 to 70 Years Old.​ 
    • Acute low back pain >24 hours but < 6 weeks.​ 
    • No previous history of low back pain in the past 6 months.​ 
    • No other pain conditions, history of spine surgery, recent falls or neurological deficits.​ 
    • Willing to participate in a 2-year study with 6 in-person clinic visits and 7 between-clinic visit online surveys.​ 
    • Able to speak and read English.​

    All participants will receive a $50 gift card for the first and sixth clinic visits; a $25 gift card for clinic visits two through five; and a $10.00 e-gift card for each between clinic visit online surveys.


    Please click on this link to complete screening for the study:

    For more information, contact: School of Nursing Bio-behavioral Lab at (860) 486-6930/