Campus Information

  • 1/5 South Campus Residence Hall - Traffic and Blasting

    The South Campus Residence Hall project continues with site demolition and has started the excavation for the foundations.  As a result, there are areas within the site where rock was discovered and must be removed.  To remove this rock, blasting events will begin this week and over the next few weeks, through the end of January.  During the specific blasting events, there will be periods of short duration, traffic control along Gilbert Road, for the safety of the UConn Community.  Blasting events are strictly controlled (using blasting mats) and audible warning sounds will be issued just before and after the blast; Three whistles mean 5 minutes until the blast; two whistles mean 1 minute to blast; and one whistle means all clear to blast.  Buildings near the construction zone may hear low rumbles from the rock blasting.  Any additional unforeseen rock discovered may impact the completion timeframe.  Updates will be sent via Daily Digest/BEC list notifications periodically.

    For more information, contact: Katherine Viveiros at