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    Leadership Certificate Series - Sign Up Today

    Are you interested in getting involved on campus and learning how to unleash your leadership potential? By registering for the Leadership Certificate Series, you will be able to explore different areas of leadership and work to develop your unique leadership style! Our Spring 2023 workshops run for nine weeks and will be offered in-person from January 30 to April 3, and there are three to choose from! Snacks will be provided! 

    Discovery Leadership Program offers a fun and innovative experience designed to help you develop leadership competencies and begin your journey as a leader.

    Emotionally Intelligent Leadership challenges students to identify their personal strengths, identify and understand personal emotions and the emotions of others, and channel emotion into their leadership style. 

    The Student Leadership Challenge offers established student leaders the opportunity to further develop their skills and take their organization, community, or program to the next level. 

    Registration Deadline: January 20th at 5pm

    Register Herehttps://leadership.uconn.edu/certificate-series-registration/


    For more information, contact: Student Activities Leadership & Organizational Development at studentleadership@uconn.edu