Scholarly Colloquia and Events

  • 11/30 Psychology Colloquium: Dr. Steven O. Roberts

    The next psychology colloquium is scheduled for Wednesday November 30th at 3:30pm via WebEx. Dr. Steven O. Roberts from the Department of Psychology, Stanford University will be presenting the work titled “The psychology of American racism.” We hope that you will join us!


    Abstract: In this talk, I will share some research on key factors that contribute to a racist psychology. From the categories that we learn about, to the power structures that we navigate, racism remains a pervasive and seemingly inescapable aspect of society. I will conclude with recommendations for the future, especially in the domain of our own discipline.


    Event link for attendees:

    Meeting ID: 2622 542 3690

    Password: PSYC20221130

    For more information, contact: Merrisa Lin at