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  • Funding for Students from Sri Lanka and Pakistan

    Attention: Departments Hosting International Students from Pakistan and/or Sri Lanka. 

    UConn may nominate up to 5 students from Pakistan or Sri Lanka,  impacted by the floods and the resulting economic impact in Pakistan, or the economic crisis in Sri Lanka for an emergency grant from the Institute for International Education (IIE). 

    Faculty and staff can use this form to nominate a UConn international studenton an F or J visa for an IIE Emergency Student Fund award for international students. To qualify for the award, the international student must: be from Pakistan or Sri Lanka.  Students must demonstrate to campus officials that they are facing financial hardship as a result of the floods and resulting economic impact in Pakistan or the economic crisis in Sri Lanka. Students must demonstrate that they are experiencing financial hardship due to the relevant emergencies.  Students must be enrolled for studies during the 2022-2023 academic year. Only five students can be nominated by UConn for this hardship award. Please confirm additional financial support provided by the University in the form below (example, Graduate Assistantship stipend and tuition waiver, a Students First Fund award, or any emergency financial support). This will not reduce the student's chance of nomination. 

    Upon completion of this form, we will reach out to the student to ask for more details related to their financial need, and how this grant could help meet essential expenses.  The deadline to submit this form is 10/30/2022. 

    Submit your nomination here:

    For more information, contact: Arthur Galinat/ISSS at