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  • 7/1 Beyond the PhD: CV/Resume Workshop

    Join us virtually this Friday July 1st at 2PM ET to hear from members of the Beyond the PhD team about crafting effective CVs and resumes. The team at Beyond the PhD consists of Biomedical Science senior level PhD students and early career professionals (both in and outside of academia) with several years of job applying experience. Attendees of this workshop will be guided through the process of creating a CV & resume and will learn how to convert your CV to a resume when applying for jobs outside of academia. We will review real examples of both documents. Moreover, you will gain insight to the types of buzz words and skills to be sure to include in your applications to help you land that perfect job whether it be in industry, academia, or beyond. Registration for the event is free and is open to anybody interested. To attend the event, you must register using the link below.

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