• Have you ever strained your hamstring?

    Research Study at the Sports Optimization and Rehabilitation Lab

    PARTICIPANTS WANTED for a research study to determine the long-term effects of hamstring strain on muscle quality at the University of Connecticut’s Sports Optimization & Rehabilitation Laboratory in the department of Kinesiology.

    WHO CAN TAKE PART?  Anyone ages 18-40 who has suffered a unilateral (1 side of the body) hamstring strain and is cleared to exercise.

    WHAT DOES THE STUDY ENTAIL?  A single two hour visit during which ultrasound images of your hamstring muscles will be taken to assess muscle quality (structural changes, muscle stiffness, and fat infiltration) and will perform a series of hamstring strength and mobility tests.

    ARE THERE ANY INCENTIVES?  All participants will receive a $20 Amazon gift card

    For more information about the study please contact Dr. Jacob Earp at

    This research is conducted under the direction of Dr. Jacob Earp in the Department of Kinesiology.

    This study was approved by the UConn IRB, Protocol #H21-0185


    For more information, contact: Jacob Earp (Kinesiology) at