Training and Professional Development

  • This Thursday- Recovery Ally Training

    Do you care about someone struggling with a substance use disorder/addiction? 

    When you complete the training session, our hope is that you will be able to confidently support individuals by:

    • Understanding the complex nature of addiction as a disease and that substance use disorders often cannot be resolved by the individual simply choosing to stop.
    • Confronting myths and stigma regarding addiction and recovery and how its negative impact deters individuals from seeking support
    • Using empathetic language when a person chooses to honor you by disclosing that they are struggling with substance use.
    • Being available to effectively listen and use tactful communication techniques to respond to those who express the need for support.
    • Defining and understanding that recovery is a life-time journey with multiple pathways to achieving wellness in recovery.
    • Knowing available recovery support resources that are on and off campus and how to access them.

    Register for a session at

    Anyone in the larger UConn Community is welcome! 

    For more information, contact: Sandy Valentine at