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  • 9/28 WHUS Radio: Want to be a Radio DJ?

    Do you like talking randomly to yourself? Do you like sharing your favorite songs with others? Well, what if I told you that you could do that through wave frequencies? 

    Be trained to become a radio DJ! How does it work?

    First with a presentation, then a quick exam, and finally we set you up to be mentored for a total of three hours by an existing DJ. After learning the skills you need to be on the air, you produce a mock episode of your show called an “air check” and once that is approved, you’re done!


    You can select a 3-hour training class or a three-session (1 hour/session) training class sequence.

    3-hour sessions (only need one of these) 

    • Wednesday, October 20 from 3pm-6pm 

    • Wednesday, November 10 12pm-3pm 

    1-hour sessions (need to attend all three of these) 

    • Tuesday, September 21 from 6-7pm 

    • Tuesday, September 28 from 6-7pm 

    • Tuesday, October 5 from 6-7pm 


    The training will be in the Big Room, a Student Union Room, or virtual. Look out for an email ahead of class. WHUS Radio is located on the 4th floor of the Student Union! 

    If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Kate our Training Director at trainingdirector@whus.org

    For more information, contact: Kate Ariano at trainingdirector@whus.org