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  • Professional Development Opportunities CIRTL

    Professional Development Opportunities CIRTL:

    On August 1, 2021, UConn became the newest institutional member to join the Center for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL).  CIRTL is a network of 42 top PhD-producing universities committed to improving the preparation of future faculty (PhDs and Post-Docs) through evidence-based professional development programming.  UConn’s institutional membership opens up extensive cross-network programming for graduate students and Post-Docs (i.e. virtual webinars, workshops, courses) from network partners.  There is no cost to join.  Interested individuals should create an account to access programming.  

    In the coming months we will be communicating additional details about UConn specific CIRTL programming that focus on teaching as research, evidence-based teaching, learning communities, and learning through diversity, and we will describe how various levels of engagement and participation can lead to nationally recognized individual level accomplishments for graduate students and Post-Docs as a CIRTL Associate, CIRTL Practitioner, and CIRTL Scholar.  For additional information, please contact Peter Diplock (, Associate Vice Provost, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

    For more information, contact: Peter Diplock at