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  • 6/22 MCB Related Proposal: Aaron G. Feinstein

    Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

    University of Connecticut



    Announces the


    Related Proposal for the Doctoral Degree in
    Structural Biology, Biophysics, and Biochemistry


    Aaron Gomez Feinstein


    B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 


    The Dynamics of Human PKR Activation 




    Tuesday, June 22, 2021

    2:00 PM




    Webex Virtual Seminar


    PW: azRZ3pvuA77



    Major Advisor: Dr. Eric R. May

    Associate Advisor: Dr. James Cole

    Associate Advisor: Dr. Victoria Robinson

    Associate Advisor: Dr. Simon White

    Associate Advisor: Dr. Anna Tarakanova


    For more information, contact: Aaron Feinstein at