Special Events

  • 3/17 UConn Moms4Moms

    UConn Moms4Moms is a designed group for mothers employed or enrolled at the University of Connecticut. 

    This group was created for mothers seeking a network, community, and an inclusive space to talk about both the joys and hardships of motherhood. 

    The groups mission aims to enlighten, empower, engage, and educate through shared experiences of M4M members, activities, and workshops. The overall vision is to serve as a hub and a resource for working moms at the University. 

    Due to COVID-19, we will conduct virtual meetings, whilst creating a space for Mothers to share their truths during this pandemic. 

    Join Moms4Moms on Wednesday on 3/17/2021 at 12 pm for a dance movement therapy session. Take your lunch and join a community! Hope to see you then! 

    PLEASE RSVP IN THE LINK ATTACHED:  https://forms.gle/gAoK5qqCVD4DRonj7

    Feel free to pass this information along to peers and colleagues. For those interested in being added to the list-serv, please contact Trisha.hawthorne@uconn.edu

    Always aiming to Build Community together,

    UConn Moms4Moms

    For more information, contact: Trisha Hawthorne at Trisha.hawthorne@uconn.edu