Student Organization Events and Meetings

  • 3/15 Aware About Rare: Student Panel on Rare Diseases

    This year, Rare Disease Day was on February 28th, 2021. This is a day meant to raise awareness about people who live with rare diseases and how their lives are impacted. This is a day meant to show that even though these diseases are rare, many people are affected. This community is plentiful, proud, and strong. 
    Join USG Student Services and Student Development Committees in partnership with UConn Diversability in a conversation about rare diseases. In this virtual event, students will discuss what it means to have a rare disease, they will host student panelists who will share their own personal experiences living with a rare disease, and will discuss ways in which people can learn to be allies to this community. Together, we can listen to our fellow students and learn to be better allies. This is a time for us to listen, to learn, and then take action.
    7-8:30PM: Join here
    For more information, contact: Kavya Ganugapati at