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  • Nancy J. Abohatab's retirement

    Nancy J. Abohatab has worked in the Department of Residential Life in a full-time, professional capacity since August 1981. She earned her Bachelor's in French and Spanish, as well as her Masters in Education [K-8] from UConn.


    After transferring to UConn during her junior year, she became an RA. That was the first year that UConn had fully changed over from having House Mothers to Resident Assistants.


    During her graduate program, she became a Head Resident [graduate supervisor of RAs].


    Although she was also conducting a job search for kindergarten positions, she became an Area Coordinator. Working with college students was her new passion.


    Being in the classroom never left her and she was lucky to be able to teach discussion groups of the 3-credit RA Class until just a few years ago. She also planned and taught the lectures for several semesters.


    Nancy would tell you she's seen the University change its physical structure [always construction going on!] and its practices since 1981.


    Working in ResLife has also afforded Nancy many opportunities through various committee work over the years. She names a few of the highlights as: chairing a ResLife, and then Division Diversity Committee; overseeing professional staff searches for ResLife and within the Division of Student Affairs; being asked by the then VP for Student Affairs to chair the first Alcohol Policy Review Committee when the drinking age was changing; stepping in for the ResLife Director to make the first-ever move-in Help Desk a reality with volunteer faculty and staff, working in tandem with Maria Sedotti.


    Her true passion during all her experiences was working with students and student staffing processes. Answering candidate's and current student staff questions was important to her. Helping interviewers and interviewees alike, she sought to help students understand the interview process; one they will repeat many times in and out of UConn.


    The Department of Residential Life has really benefitted from all of Nancy’s skills and talents since she began working with us.  We are truly grateful for her service, loyalty, and dedication to our students, alumni, and the entire university community.  We thank her for her passion and joy in working with all of us and wish her a happy retirement that is well deserved.  Nancy will officially retire on January 1, 2021.




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