Special Events and Receptions

  • 12/16 Faculty of Color Town Hall

    The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is hosting two online town halls this fall. One town hall is for Staff of Color (Dec. 3, 9am-11am) and the other is for Faculty of Color (Dec. 16, 1-3pm). At each town hall, President Katsouleas, Provost Lejuez, Vice Provost Bradford, and Vice President/CDO Frank Tuitt will provide an update on the progress UConn has made on items noted in the report created from last year's town halls. They will open for questions and discussion afterward. There will also be an opportunity to identify new issues to attend to and to be in community with each other. 

    If you can attend, please register HERE by November 23rd.

    For more information, contact: ODI at diversity@uconn.edu