Dining Services

  • Dairy Bar Now Selling Eggs; Half Gallon Sale

    Now selling farm fresh eggs from UConn poultry. We've got small (peewee/pullets) or medium-size eggs in flats (30 eggs per flat) and XL by the dozen. 

    Small eggs (flat) $4.50
    Medium eggs (flat) $7.50; (doz) $3.50
    XL eggs (per dozen) $4.00


    HALF GALLON SALE on Vanilla, Coffee, Maple Walnut, Toasted Almond Amaretto, and Vanilla Salted Caramel. Two (2) half gallons for $16; must purchase 2 (combo or same flavor) for the deal. PLEASE NOTE: Must purchase from the sale section on our online store.

    TOPPINGS ARE BACK!! You can now order candy toppings on top of your ice cream or on the side or in bulk sizes (8oz or 16oz) to have at home. Dairy Bar is also selling a variety of sauces on the side.

    TURKEY DINNER ICE CREAM PIE – It’s an ice cream pie that looks like a turkey dinner with all the trimmings!! Limited quantities are being made. Flavors available: Vanilla, Chocolate, Oreo, Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip, Husky Tracks, Salted Caramel Crunch, Coffee Espresso Crunch. Pick-ups until Nov 24.

    Other store items:


    Cones on the side

    Cups of Ice Cream

    Freezer Bags

    Ice Cream Cakes

    Party Packs

    10” Colossal Cookie Sandwich (now $25/pick up same day)

    Fall Ice Cream Cupcakes

    Giant Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

    Half Gallons


    Pup Cups

    Ready to Go Kiddie Cup Party Pack

    Souvenir Bowls

    Three Gallon Tubs of Ice Cream


    For more information, contact: UConn Dairy Bar at 860-486-1021