Health, Wellness, and Safety

  • Highlights of Extension Annual Report

    UConn Extension has collaborated with our partners, communities and stakeholders for over 100 years. We are proud to serve all 169 cities and towns in Connecticut. Extension professionals and trained volunteers engage the state’s diverse population to make informed choices and better decisions. The partnerships enrich our lives and our environment. The Highlights of Extension annual report showcases program achievements from the past year.

    Our Extension faculty and staff are effectively responding to the new challenges as well. They are utilizing technology and mobilizing resources to help families, communities, businesses, farmers, and other stakeholders. For example, our extension specialists and 4-H volunteers are helping distribute thousands of gallons of dairy products weekly to families in need throughout the state. There are many other examples of how the CAHNR family is responding to help our communities.

    Extension programs address the full range of issues set forth in CAHNR’s strategic initiatives:

    • Ensuring a vibrant and sustainable agricultural industry and food supply
    • Enhancing health and well-being locally, nationally, and globally
    • Designing sustainable landscapes across urban-rural interfaces
    • Advancing adaptation and resilience in a changing climate

    The Highlights of Extension annual report is available online at and we invite you to learn more about CAHNR Extension at

    For more information, contact: Stacey Stearns at