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  • Public Service Announcement: Child, Pet Care

    Dear UConn Health Community,

    During these unprecedented times dealing with COVID-19, we know that there has been an increased strain on the employees of UConn Health and their families. We strive to personally help those in need as they continue to deliver patient care. We understand that there has been an increased need in child care and pet care services.

    Currently, we have over 50 students willing to aide families in need of child care and/or pet care services. See below two forms that you can fill out in order for us to connect you directly with someone who can help with your specific needs. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of individuals that can help so please understand our limitations. However, we will try our best to help as many families as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us directly at

    Please be aware:

    • Students are providing assistance on their own personal capacity, not as their roles as students
    • These services are not connected to a UConn Health initiative
    • We are not providing advice, training or supervision by UConn Health, UConn School of Medicine, or UConn School of Dental Medicine
    • UConn Health and UConn School of Medicine are not endorsing these services, but are providing this information as a public service

    Child Care Services:

    Pet Care Services:


    -Michael, Sam, Kate L., Alex, Zach, Nick, Taylor and Kate T.

    For more information, contact: Michael Martins at