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  • Looking for Females Who Smoke Cigs or Vape E-Cigs

    YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A RESEARCH STUDY looking to answer this question:

    Are e-cigarettes (vaping) safer or more harmful than smoking cigarettes during pregnancy? 

    This is a stigma-free observational study, not a smoking cessation program. There is no intervention or requests to change your smoking habits.

    You may be eligible if you:

    - Are at least 16 years old

    - Are currently pregnant

    AND one of the following:

    - Currently smoke cigarettes everyday OR

    - Currently use an electronic cigarette or vaping device everyday OR

    - Use both products

    If you take part in the study, you will be asked to:

    - Attend 3 visits pre-delivery (approximately an hour each)

    - Complete brief monthly calls and one call 3 months after delivery

    You may receive financial compensation up to $155.

    This study examines the effect of e-cigarette use compared to cigarette smoking during pregnancy on toxin exposure (nicotine and other harmful ingredients) in women and newborn babies, and on birth outcomes (birth weight and gestational age).

    For more information, please call:

    Uconn Health: (860) 679-4647

    Hartford Hospital:  (860) 972-2399 (Spanish speaking)

    Email us at:

    Text:    (860) 470-4735

    Study Approved by UConn Health IRB- 17-180-6

    For more information, contact: Study Staff at 860-679-4647