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  • Shatterproof's Just Five Addiction Series (Free)

    Just Five Health Professions Program

    CT AHEC’s northwestern Connecticut regional center, Health360, is providing the Just Five addiction education series from Shatterproof, a national non-profit aimed at reversing the addiction crisis in the United States through revolutionizing addiction treatment, ending addiction stigma, and empowering and educating communities. 

    Click link below to access the free online program!

    Just Five is an online, self-paced, mobile-enabled program focusing on increasing awareness, reducing stigma, and sharing information about addiction prevention and treatment. Just Five includes six five-minute learning experiences. Lessons combine animated and expert videos, interactive learning, and supplemental materials. The information comes from foundational, evidence-based sources. (Promotional video can be viewed here.)


    • The Science of Addiction
    • Are You at Risk?
    • The Dangers of Opioids
    • Signs, Symptoms, and Treatments
    • How You Can Help
    • The Gift of Recovery

    Access Just Five at Click the “Start Pre-Survey” button before launching the first module. When you’ve finished the final module, click the “Start Post-Survey” button. (You could win a gift card!)

    Target Audience and ObjectiveHealthcare providers and public health professionals will learn about their role in combating the opioid crisis and empower them to recognize Substance Use Disorder in themselves, their colleagues, and their patients.

    Estimated Time for Completion: 30 minutes with opportunities for expansive learning

    Why Participate?

    According to a Mental Health America survey of 1,119 health care workers, 93% reported feeling stressed, 76% reported exhaustion and burnout and 82% reported emotional exhaustion. With the dramatic increased strain for healthcare professionals across the country due to COVID-19, mental health needs to be a top priority. Most health profession students are taught to recognize Substance Use Disorder in their patients. However, we want to provide a supplemental education about recognizing Substance Use Disorder in themselves, their families, and their colleagues. According to the American Addiction Centers, 10-15% of all medical professionals will misuse drugs or alcohol at some point in their careers.

    For more information, contact: Ellen Ravens-Seger/CT AHEC at 860-679-7969