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  • 8/14 Fall Student Move In Help Needed

    Fall 2020 Move In

    Thank you for offering to work with the Residential Life and Student Health and Wellness Teams during Fall Move In! This has been an unbelievable year for our campus and move in plans are no different, we need YOU!

    HOW IT WORKS The move in process begins Friday August 14th and ends Monday August 17th. Students arriving to campus will drive to a check-in location where teams from Residential Life and Student Health and Wellness will greet them. ResLife will manage the check-in process for students and the SHaW staff will perform on-site COVID testing before students receive their room keys. Check-in each day will be from 9:00am - 3:00pm; staff workers need to arrive at 8:30am and depart at 3:30pm.

    We have multiple staged parking lot locations for students to receive their test and keys. Throughout check-in, we will be the first stop to welcome students to our campus!

    HOW YOU WILL HELP Your help is needed primarily in the staged parking lot areas. After you fill out our form, we will assign you to a location based on your work preferences and availability. The job descriptions are listed below - select your top 3 preferred positions to work in. Feel free to sign up for multiple dates if you are able to! You will be notified of your assignment by the week of August 10th.

    SIGN UP HERE: https://reslife.uconn.edu/fall-2020-move-in/


    Residential Life: Amy Crim amy.crim@uconn.edu, Sheila Morgansmith sheila.morgansmith@uconn.edu
    Student Health and Wellness: Tina McCarthy tina.mccarthy@uconn.edu

    For more information, contact: Sheila Morgansmith at sheila.morgansmith@uconn.edu